FCSA  2009  Organization!


The First Coast Sailing Association  task is to handicap sailboats (PHRF), make up the yearly schedule, sponsor the Interclub Regatta, and hold an Awards and General Meeting in January.


FCSA Partner Yacht Clubs:

FCSA Address:


North Florida Cruising Club

Vicki Cross


Rudder Club of Jacksonville

c/o  Rogers, Towers, P.A.


Florida Yacht Club

1301  Riverplace Boulevard, # 1500


Navy Jax Yacht Club

Jacksonville, FL  32207-9020


Epping Forest Yacht Club



St. Augustine Yacht Club

Website: Adam Norwood


2009 Board Members:

Handicapping Sub-Committee:


Adam Norwood, NFCC


Bubba Futch

Vice President

Hal Runnfeldt, RCoJ


Tom Davis


Todd Tippin, FYC


Rob Smith


Brian Paul, NJYC


Graeme Nichol


Graeme Nichol, EFYC


Dick Allsopp


Dan Floryan, SAYC


Hal Runnfeldt

Sub-Committee Chair

FCOC  Tom Davis


Dan Floryan

Sub-Committee Chair







See your club handicapper to get a PHRF rating.

New rating certificate - $35.  Annual renewals are $30 due by February 01 ($35 thereafter).


Club handicappers will help a skipper complete the rating questionnaire and send it to the chief handicapper for approval.  The rating certificate will be mailed to the skipper.  Skippers should have their rating certificate available at every race.


Rating Appeals:  Skipper must write a letter to the Chief Handicapper explaining the reason for a rating appeal (mail letter to Vicki Cross).  Chief Handicapper will meet with club handicappers to discuss and vote on the appeal.


Series Trophies:

FCSA offers three series of PHRF races this year:  Spring Series Trophy, Fall Series Trophy, and Ocean  Trophy.  When a rated boat is entered in a club race, noted as a FCSA points race on the schedule, the boat is competing for a club trophy for that race and points toward the yearly trophy for the series.  Trophies are awarded in three classes:  Spinnaker, Non-Spinnaker, Cruiser.

All competitors must have a current PHRF rating from FCSA and be a member of an area yacht club.

     Spring Series Trophy:  6 races; 1 throw out.

     Fall Series Trophy:  6 races; 1 throw out.

     Ocean Trophy:  6 races; 1 throw out.



Race Scoring will be the low point system, 2009-2012 Racing Rules of Sailing, Appendix A4.

Series scoring will be in accordance with the following, with one throw-out per series.

     DNF = number that started the race

     DNS, RAF = number that entered and came to the race

     DNC, DSQ = 1 + number that entered and came to the race

     DNE = 1 + number entered in the series

     Ties will be decided using the 2009-2012 Racing Rules of Sailing, Appendix A8.